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The Advent of 5G: Evolution or Destruction?

by Padma Aon Prakasha


From scientific case studies such as those conducted by Professor Tim Leighton of Southampton University (who discovered that high frequency noises emitted in public spaces often make people feel unwell), it is clear that 4G and 5G and the new higher frequency Wifi standards could be detrimental to our bodies and minds on profound levels. The millimetre waves and signals used in 5G have been used in warfare, crowd control, and can create profound physical and mental health issues.

These signals contract our cells and deform them in multiple ways. Yet, is this not also the way that a lump of coal transforms into a diamond? Through immense pressure and contraction, the coal gets squeezed and squeezed, deforming, breaking and condensing into its essence: a pure diamond.

The 5G revolution is hurtling us onto the edge of an evolutionary precipice. In order to evolve, we are often forced into points of crisis where we are forced to innovate, adapt and create new ways in order to survive and continue our evolution.

As renowned eco activist Polly Higgins shares, “many people are calling this a time of emergency. Emergency actually means ‘a state of emergence’ so its not necessarily something to fear, but it’s a moment in time when we can actually turn things around and something new can come into being.”

As a species, we have recurrently shown that times of crisis propel us into discovering and creating hitherto unknown solutions to the problems we face, and ways of overcoming them. New advances in all fields come when we need them: necessity is the mother of invention. This is true as a species, but also as individuals. We are forced to evolve when our lives become painful and untenable to deal with any longer. Ending a bad relationship, quitting an unfulfilling job, moving home: all these events may be catalysed by personal crisis. Deep healing and growth comes through facing our crises and moving through them.

Inevitably, there is a time of transition into the unknown. Our genius sometimes is accessed when one is at the threshold, the gates of a breakthrough. The challenge is that this will urge us, at times, in the direction of our fears as a means of overcoming them in order to fulfil our dreams.


The 5G Trigger

There is a fundamental law of energy that states the following: we cannot solve problems or dissolve obstacles by working at the same level of energy the problem lies at. We have to raise our vibration to our next octave in order to resolve the issue. Perhaps the 5G trigger is driving us to evolve to our next level of consciousness and biology. What this may be teaching us is not to seek a cure for our suffering, but rather to seek a use for it – a channel to direct force into and be able to create something out of it.

This is true Tantra: using everything and anything in your life as a fuel to grow. Everything is embraced and accepted in this spirit, to become radically self aware and self responsible in order to become whole. The evolutionary trigger and impetus of these movements may jump start our own latent capacities. Now we have to find new ways of doing things that previously we did not even have to think about. This is our current evolutionary edge, and edges are where we evolve and find out more about ourselves.

We are not victims: we can use our circumstances to help us rapidly evolve and activate our dormant capacities. Over 90% of our brain is untapped, over 90% of our DNA is disconnected, and has been so for millennia. How do we activate this? Perhaps it will take another evolutionary leap, akin to the leap from ape to human, to do this. However it happens, it will take something deeply impactful for this mutation to occur. Perhaps the 5G revolution and the advent of artificial intelligence will force us to do this.

Science has proved that evolutionary changes, once thought to take millions of years, can actually happen in real time through our DNA and its exposome, nanoparticles within our DNA that can change our DNA relatively instantly. Perhaps the advent of 5G and the increased bombardment of millimetre waves and signals could force our DNA to mutate and activate in order for us to survive, activating our hidden gifts in the process.

We will have no choice but to adapt. This is what mammals do; it is what we do every day. We do it naturally. The greatest technology in the world is within us. Everything we have created externally is an outer expression of what is already within us. All our telecommunications, technology and telephones are hinting at telepathy, at clairvoyance, clairaudience: our multidimensional abilities.

More and more people are accessing these multidimensional intuitive abilities today from within themselves. Perhaps the impending technological avalanche will force us to dig deep within our biology, nervous system and DNA to find the solutions, and in the process mutate us into the next step in our evolution – from homo sapiens to homo luminous, a multi-dimensional human being.

This evolutionary leap has been predicted by masters such as Osho and Sri Aurobindo. In order for homo luminous, or the new man, to be born will require a massive evolutionary trigger that forces our neurobiology to activate and come alive in unprecedented ways. All of the means for this adaptation and mutation lie within us already, in our own inner organic technology. This is an immensely exciting time for us as individuals and as a species. We have never been here before as a race and so we will have to emerge anew in order to take our next steps. We are not dumb people. We have resources and mastery, creativity and imagination, genius and compassion beyond what we believe ourselves to have.

Many people throughout the ages have demonstrated multidimensional abilities, and have said that we can do the same. These are not urban myths or science fiction, as they have been recounted in almost all countries and traditions. All ‘miracles’ are seen as magical when they are not understood. For example, taking today’s average smartphone to a villager a few hundred years ago would be seen as evidence of godhood by them; similarly Facebook could be seen as a device of the gods (or perhaps demons) and the internet as a Promethean gift. What seems miraculous to us today will be normal in less than twenty years due to the advent of AI, 5G and quantum computing.

All the recent popular movies about superheroes with extraordinary powers are based on innate truths: we have these powers within us. These are not escapist movies: they are realer than the reality we find ourselves in and somewhere deep down we know this, hence their popularity. We can use technology to enhance our humanity and unlock dormant evolutionary keys within us. All technology is here for our use as training wheels to help activate us, and remind us of what our innate super powers are, which are found within our bodies and brains. We can become holographic beings, living in a multi-dimensional web of communication.

We are the superheroes.


This is the first of a 2-part feature written by Padme Aon Prakasha. Part 2 will be published on 11th July.


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