The Six Eclipses of 2020

by Yasmin Boland 

For those who choose to live intentionally by working with the energies of the Sun, Moon and Stars, 2020 is already looking like a very promising year. We’ll see a total of 25 New and Full Moons and some of the most powerful planetary energies for both manifestation and meditation. Moreover, 2020 begins with a Full Moon eclipse on 10 January, and is followed by five further eclipses throughout the year. With energy unbounded, eclipses are amazing times of change, meaning that 2020 has the potential to be a big year for everyone.

Yasmin Boland takes us through the six eclipses of 2020.

Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn – 10 Jan 2020  

Let’s hope you’re reading to hit the ground running in 2020. Just ten days into the New Year, we have a Full Moon Eclipse. You can use the energy of this Full Moon Eclipse to release the past – it’s perfect. What happened in 2019 that you need to get free from? Write it all down, and burn what you’ve written. In particular, release any work dramas from last year, since this eclipse is in the work-loving sign of Capricorn, and triggers the work planet Saturn. Make peace with the past. Feeling anxious? Invest in a singing bowl and ask sometime to ring it over your body from top to toe and back again. 

Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius – 5 Jun 2020

This Full Moon Eclipse clashes with Mars: expect fireworks. Eclipses are always extremely tense times, but clashing with Mars, as this one does, adds to the potential for drama. Moreover, this eclipse is in the sign of Sagittarius, one of the fire signs. Putting it all together, and throwing in the fact that Venus will be in retrograde as well, there is room for upsets, perhaps with a lover or about money, in particular about money-owing. Happily, the communications planet Mercury is in harmonious aspect to the planet Mars around the same time, so whatever happens can be sorted out with some good old fashioned communication. Top tip: pay off debts in advance. 

New Moon eclipse in Cancer – 21 Jun 2020

This New Moon is on what’s called the ‘Critical Degree’ of the sign of Cancer, so is bringing in powerful energies. A New Moon on a Critical Degree heralds the start of a new cycle. Moreover, this particular Critical Degree is in a Cardinal Sign, and while Cardinal Signs are powerful, they’re also about new starts. Plus, the eclipse is taking placing under the building Jupiter/Pluto alignment, which only happens around once every 12 years and is a pretty big deal. With energies like this, it’ll definitely be a New Moon to tune into. If you’re aware that you’re consciously creating your life, go for it extra hard now. Wish for everybody’s highest good. 

Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn – 5 Jul 2020 

Yet another truly blazing eclipse. This one triggers the planet of plenty, Jupiter, and takes place in the wake of the powerful Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. One of the biggest themes of this year is learning how to use conscious creation to form your life. Use this eclipse to get serious about releasing the past and forgiving anyone who has wrong you. Go deep. The more you can release the past, the more you will come into the present where you create your future. Also note that under this eclipse, Mercury is retrograde. In other words, it’s a really good time to forgive from a very long time ago today.

Full Moon eclipse in Gemini – 30 Nov 2020

Here we have the first eclipse in the last ‘eclipse season’ of the year. Whatever you haven’t managed to achieve so far in 2020, here comes your last chance to do it at speed. Jump from one reality to another. Make the leap! This time, the eclipse is taking place in the sign of Gemini. Just after the eclipse Comer there’s a Mercury/Saturn alignment – so say your piece, but don’t say too much. The Full Moon eclipse in Gemini is also an ideal time to clear your head; If you’ve been in the habit of thinking negatively, change that now. Discipline yourself. 

New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius – 14 Dec 2020

In some ways, it’s as though these 2020 eclipses are a little topsy-turvy. We started the year with a Full Moon Eclipse (about endings) when a New Moon Eclipse (about beginnings) might have been more convenient. Now here we are at the end of the year, with a New Moon Eclipse when we might prefer a chapter-closing Full Moon Eclipse to contend with. Ours is not to reason why: use this New Moon eclipse, which is making a cautious alliance with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, to get clear about what you want for 2021, which promises to be a doozy of a year…

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Yasmin Boland is a bestselling astrology writer and author, and her horoscopes, astrology and New Age columns are read by millions of people each week. She writes for Red, Closer and Good Health, and is the co-author of Angel Astrology 101 with Doreen Virtue and author of Astrology Made Easy and Moonology. Yasmin also hosts a weekly Hay House Radio show. She teaches that we can learn to use the Moon as a sacred mala to connect to our Divine selves, and as a cosmic timer to consciously create our lives.www.moonology.com

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