10 Keys to Spiritual Health (+ free download)

After 30 years of extensive research into holistic wellbeing, William Bloom, author of The Power of Modern Spirituality and founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust, prepares to launch a revolutionary new approach to spirituality and health. The 40-page booklet, named Your Spiritual Health Programme, is based around ten keys to provide an accessible, simple way for everyone to enjoy spiritual health. These keys correlate to the three main tenets of Your Spiritual Health Programme: Connection (to the wonder and energy of life), Peace of Mind and Service.

“Spiritual health is a deep sense of nourishment that sustains you whatever your circumstances,” William Bloom says. “These ten keys serve as reminders to help improve your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.”

We’ve compiled the ten keys from Your Spiritual Health Programme into a concise list for you to read here, but don’t forget to check at the bottom of the article for a link to download the full programme yourself!


  1. Your body is your first point of connection, so when you wake up immediately choose to be in a kind mood. Soften your eyes. With a friendly attitude scan your body and notice how you feel. Acknowledge any discomfort. Take two or three slow, soft and deep breaths. Gently stretch.
  2. After you have woken up, focus on something that connects you to love and good energy, such as a member of your family or a pet; or you could look out of the window and enjoy the clouds and sky. Focus on whatever best touches your heart.
  3. Whenever you can, switch off everything electronic around you. Sit or lie comfortably for five minutes. Contemplate the sheer miracle of life with all its wonder, awe and poignancy.
  4. Expand your awareness beyond your home or work environment. Notice the air touching your skin. Hear the birds. Be aware of the sun. Know that just because you’re alive, you’re part of the natural world, this beautiful planet, wonderful solar system and awesome cosmos. Allow yourself to feel this and be grateful for the wonder of it all.

Peace of Mind

  1. Regularly pause, step back and with honesty and compassion reflect on your behaviour, relationships and attitudes. Notice everything. Commit to improvement and kindness.
  2. Truly value the growth of your heart and your mind. Recognise that every circumstance, good and bad, is an opportunity to develop love and wisdom. You may not be able to change your situation, but you can always change yourself.
  3. Free yourself from meaningless material desires. With good humour, stop wanting so many things, whatever they are. Desire is a polluting emotion that causes you suffering.


  1. Have a good vibe. Let your presence be a silent blessing to others. When your body, emotions and thoughts are calm and grounded, your presence will reassure and support others. If in doubt, say nothing. Especially practise this with difficult family members, neighbours and colleagues.
  2. Stop complaining or talking too much. Instead be a model of the behaviour that you want to see. Setting an example is spiritual leadership. Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.
  3. As often as you can, be kind and generous in every day life. Courtesy, friendliness and chivalry are signs of spiritual strength. With all people and creatures, pause and relate. Let mindful kindness be your lifestyle.

Find out more and download your copy of the programme

William Bloom is a British educator, activist, author of 26 books and founder/director of the Spiritual Companions Trust, an educational charity focusing on a holistic and person-centred approach to spirituality and health.

Your Spiritual Health Programme will be launched at St. James’ Church in London on March 25th 2019. To view, download or order printed copies of the programme, visit http://yourspiritualhealth.org

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