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Reverence – An Old-Fashioned Word?

by Liz Wright


Reverence – such an old-fashioned word. It might not be one that we hear much these days but if you were planning a meeting with one of your most adored film or TV stars, you might find an awareness of reverence lurking within your heart.

That sense of someone who has the power to lift you beyond your everyday self and transport you to a place where you feel magic has touched your life. You would endeavour to look your best, perhaps preparing for days beforehand and thinking in advance of interesting questions to ask the person that you had put on a pedestal so that you connected with them – hopefully favourably.

So, when we want to spend time connecting to the Source of our being (and who is more important to us than that?) whether we call this immense power, God, Yahweh, Universal Energy or something else, we are only going to achieve this connection when we approach with reverence. I am not talking about subservience, a sense of false humility or even any outer ceremony, but a deep inner sense of the greatest respect, wonder and above all, stillness of heart and mind. When we do this we are making a space within ourselves for something magnificent to connect with us, and in order to incorporate some of the Light they bring within our own being. That Light is within us always, but we have to reach to find it just as we would in any relationship. When respect goes out of a human relationship, we know it cannot work, and it’s no different when building and maintaining a relationship with our Source.

Reverence is something we may possibly conceive of when meeting the Pope or the Dalai Lama, but we don’t need to encounter a messenger of the Source of Life to make our acquaintance with this energy. What we do need is to approach making that connection with reverence. We need to quieten our minds and purify our thoughts, abstaining from negativity in any way, shape or form. With the best will in the world, why would the essence of Light want to visit somewhere that is impure or unwholesome, where someone just offers up a diatribe of complaints? Light simply wouldn’t be able to survive in such an environment, and would not be able to connect with us unless we have metaphorically thrown out all the rubbish. We need to emanate the respect that is within our minds and souls – genuine, profound, and not self-seeking. That doesn’t mean that we ourselves as human beings will constantly sustain purity, but it does mean that if want to make the acquaintance of Light and to actually connect and communicate, we have to ensure our house (in other words, our minds) is clean and in order for it to be able to step through the door!

When we meditate, we are constantly gently sweeping away the clutter until there is no more chaos to be removed. Then we are in a position to be able to pulsate in harmony with the Light, which can at last infiltrate through the pure space that we have created. If we are a mire of scrambled confusion inside our minds, what hope is there that anything rational, logical and wondrous can make its way through to make any impact? It would be like dealing with a screaming child who is desperate for a certain toy and won’t be pacified even if they are handed the article in question. By then, their emotions are so heightened that they have lost sight of what it was they wanted in the first case. And so it is with our connecting to our Source. We know we want more than to have to fend off daily problems and to be reactive to everything. We want to feel that we are working harmoniously within our environment even when we have issues or problems to deal with.

So, why not take a few moments of utmost purity each and every day, where we go to meet the Source of our being in reverence and build a relationship with our Creator? Not only will there be the joy of the relationship itself, but in our every day lives it will dispel much confusion, enhance the quality of your life and the lives of those around you and ultimately provide the focus of our very being. But approach with true reverence.


About the author: 

Liz Stead-Wright is a qualified meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation, has previously trained as a reflexologist, and is semi-retired from the City.  She ran a small metaphysical group for around a year and has undertaken a degree certificate in creative writing, producing one self-published book. Liz became aware of the world of Energy and vibration when she was around 4 or 5 years old, recalling sitting on the side of her bed and realising that everything in the room was pulsating with some form of life. She intuitively understood this as Energy, the expression of the border between the world we see and the world we don’t see.

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