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Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing

by Ursula Demarmels

Renowned spiritual regression hypnotherapist Ursula Demarmels shows how we can use past-life regression to recognize the divine plan for our lives, meet our soul guides, better understand and resolve fears, health issues, and karmic relationships, and discover our special skills and talents in this life.

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit, issue 46.

At some point in our life, most of us ask ourselves whether we have lived before. As for me, this is no longer a question, it’s a certainty. As a regression expert, I guide people in the process of reliving what they have already gone through in an earlier existence. Using gentle and effective trance techniques, I navigate them through their own memories, enabling them to re-experience scenes from their former lives. They look back to what happened as if it was happening right now, with all their senses: with their inner eyes, they may experience images or whole scenes. They will feel joy or even pain if present. And if they ate an apple in their past life, they may also taste and smell it during regression. But, can this be verified? Can it be proven that what clients report during hypnosis is true historic fact? To some extent, yes!

Facts or wishful thinking?

In 2005, the time was ripe in Germany to bring this subject more into the public eye. After thorough evaluation, I was chosen to carry out regressions in front of the camera for some of Europe’s biggest TV stations, accompanied by teams of university-graduate historians and journalists. For these documentaries, I guided more than a hundred candidates into their past lives. One of our goals was to clarify whether attestable facts about previous lives could be found. The results were mind-blowing for all involved: amazingly, many details of these apparent past lives reported in hypnotic trance – facts which the candidates could not have known about in their current life – could be confirmed by concordant historical records and by visiting the original locations.

Growing interest

The resulting television broadcasts were seen by some 48 million viewers. This vast audience created a massive increase of awareness of reincarnation. In parallel, interest in literature on the subject increased considerably. Several major book publishers contacted me almost simultaneously to write a book about spiritual regression. Consequently, my book Who was I in my prior live? was born, published in six languages and recently released by Llewellyn as Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing. In Germany, it became a bestseller and is now regarded as a standard work on regression therapy.

The search for truth

Fear of death lies deep inside us all. We all want to know if there is a beyond, if there is life after death. But many regression therapists stop right before or immediately after death in past lives. Using spiritual regression, it is possible to move deep into the realms we inhabit after death as immortal souls. “People find greater awareness and meaning in life when they know who they really are and their purpose on Earth.” (Dr. Michael Newton in his foreword for Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing).

In 2001, I became acquainted with the publications of Dr. Newton (Journey of Souls, 1994; Destiny of Souls, 2000) and later on with the book of Dr. Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher (Life Between Life, 1988). I am tremendously grateful that I was allowed to learn from Dr. Newton. It is important that clients can keep going ever deeper into the spirit world (afterlife, beyond), experience themselves as an immortal soul in joy and bliss, and reflect upon their past lives in the company of their spirit guide. Trained in Los Angeles, I was the first European graduate of Dr. Newton’s former Spiritual Regression Society and became a Certified Life-Between-Lives™ Spiritual Regression Therapist.

During decades of my own practice, I modified existing regression methods to ensure the most benefit for my clients. I always combine past life regression with a short between-lives regression. Another crucial element is to evaluate the causes and processing of my client’s personal karma, as described in my new German book Karma-Coaching (2015).

Exploring the spiritual journey

Spiritual past life regression is much more than “just” re-experiencing scenes from a former life. Travelling into past lives is an exciting journey into our subconscious. Recognizing karmic occurrences leads to a deeper understanding of present physical and emotional problems. By reliving our own past life experiences of death and life after death, we reach the ultimate experience: our eternal existence as a divine soul. Fear and despair of death become pointless. We can meet the souls of people and beloved animals in the spirit world who were important to us on Earth. We meet our soul guide (guardian angel) and recognize the deeper meaning of life. Experience and reflection of our past lives during spiritual regression can help us discover our special skills and talents, to better understand and handle fears, and dissolve blockages. What a wonderful and strengthening experience! After spiritual regression, most clients appraise their journey into the past and present of their soul as the most exciting expedition of their life.

We are responsible

Through 35 years of regression practice, I have become more and more aware that we are embedded in a whole: that in a higher sense, we are all one; part of the eternal divine source. There is nothing outside. We are connected with all creatures on Earth, and with all that is. In my book, the soul dimension of animals is illuminated. We are responsible for each other, and this has to include animals and nature too. In most esoteric literature, this fundamental aspect is left out. We incarnate on Earth in a human body to develop and to fulfil our soul qualities such as love, compassion, joy and gentleness. All that we do, or avoid doing, has a karmic impact on our future life. It’s up to you, you can decide every minute in which direction your life will develop! Depending on your deeds, good or bad karma is always being created. Everything you send out will return to you. This is karmic law. Those who act against a person, an animal or against nature, simultaneously turn against their divine soul and against themselves.

Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing enables the reader to get a clear sense of how a session unfolds. It goes beyond religion and contributes to a better understanding of life. It provides thought for laymen and also for therapists who would like to gain additional knowledge on the purpose and targets of spiritual regression. Numerous touching case reports offer thrilling insights into life in historic times and indicate the broad spectrum of regression. Spiritual regression offers advice for decision making (e.g., in relationship matters or when choosing a career), assists spiritual self-discovery, and provides a valuable means to support healing from medical and psychological problems.

Experiencing the wonderful opportunity to become aware of yourself as an immortal soul is a very moving event. It can positively influence and change your life forever.

Meet The Author: Ursula Demarmels is a renowned spiritual regression hypnotherapist. She studied in Basel (Switzerland) and Cologne (Germany). As a Scientific Associate for Research, she taught relaxation and hypnosis methods at the University of Salzburg (Austria) for 30 years. In 35 years of spiritual regression practice, she has guided some 4,500 people into their past lives and their eternal life as a divine soul in the spirit world. Through her regression documentary programs, she has reached 48 million television viewers. Her latest TV series was produced for the German subsidiary of Discovery Channel. See the videos at:

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