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The Waiting Room for Miracles

by Fred Ford

Most people associate ‘waiting room’ with the doctor’s or dentist’s office: a place that perhaps inspires mild dread, whispered conversation, or even palpable anxiety. The waiting room for miracles, however, is a place of immense and indescribable beauty, a storehouse of riches. Why, then, don’t more people visit? The answer is simple: a lack of awareness.

Consider a fly trapped in a room. The fly desperately bangs against the window trying to get free.  His struggle is vigorous but futile, and he eventually dies. Why? The fly has only one strategy: to try harder.  Had the fly simply looked around, he would have noticed that just across the room was an open door. The fly, like a person who fails to access miracles, lacks only awareness.  

Infinite intelligence, the one creative power of the Universe, is within you.  Your conscious awareness of this one creative power is the door to the waiting room of all miracles!  

Albert Einstein proclaimed, “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”  Here is the greatest part of his quote: you get to choose! Choose to be the miracle-manifesting machine you were born to be. It requires only four easy-to-remember steps: see it; be it; love it; own it. As simple as this may be, there are several elements at play here…


See it

Great thinkers, religious leaders, avatars, teachers and philosophers throughout history have disagreed with one another on virtually everything.  They are, however, in complete and unanimous agreement on one point: we become what we think about. The first step in manifesting miracles, therefore, is to see the thing—the miracle, the manifestation, the goal as fully realized—in mind.  To that point, it helps immensely to understand that the human mind thinks in pictures.  

Suppose I say to you, “Think of your car.”  What happens? In response, your mind projects an image of your car onto the movie screen in your mind.  If I then say, “Think of your refrigerator,” the image instantly changes to your refrigerator. When I repeat this process—“Think of your bed,” “Think of your living room,” etc.—the images change with every suggestion.  Suppose I said “Think of your ideal, dream life.” What image appears? Anything? I have done this exercise many times in seminars, and most people get a blank screen, which means they have not given themselves permission to live or dream.  They never enter the divine realm of conscious co-creation with a Higher Power and, therefore, create nothing. They disintegrate.

Everything in the physical universe was, at one time, a thought—a specific image—in the mind of one person.  There are no exceptions. The clothes you are wearing, the chair you are seated on, the computer you are using to read this article, the house or office or apartment that you occupy; all were thoughts before they were physical things.  

Manifestation is a co-creation, wherein you formulate in your own mind using your creative intellectual faculties—imagination, reason, perception, intuition—a clear, specific mental image that you plant in the fertile garden of your subconscious mind. This image—this spiritual seed—will germinate and manifest just as surely as a physical seed will germinate in the fertile soil of a plowed field.  The manifestation of everything begins as one image planted in Universal Subconscious Mind, of which your subconscious mind is contained.


Be it

How does one ‘be’ a miracle?  That’s easy: be you! To be a miracle, you simply need to act in harmony with your true self: the world’s greatest miracle.  That’s right, you are the world’s greatest miracle.  As evidence for this extraordinary claim, I would simply urge you to read Og Madino’s The Greatest Miracle in the World, wherein the author presents a persuasive argument and dozens of examples why you are, indeed, the greatest miracle in the world.  

To be the miracle you need to take action.  Faith without acts is dead. Nothing works if you don’t.  If you see it but are unwilling to be it, it’s game over before it even begins. Dorothea Brande, in her excellent book Wake up and Live!, offered this provocative suggestion: “To guarantee success, act as if it is impossible to fail.” Be the miracle you intend to manifest; nothing less will do.


Love it

To be a success in manifesting miracles, it is helpful to operate with a clear definition of success. The best definition I ever came across was contained in Earl Nightingale’s landmark recording The Strangest Secret: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”  

Success is progressive, which implies forward movement, activity, a steadily advancing power directed at a predetermined outcome.  Secondly, it is a realization. When is a goal realized? The moment you select the goal! Every step in the thousand-mile journey is success.  Fall in love with the journey.

Lastly, success involves a worthy ideal.  The goal should be something you can fall in love with every day, something you would eagerly exchange the days of your life for.  If you create a goal intended to impress others, you will not likely become emotionally involved in its manifestation. Feeling is the key!

The core philosophy of Neville Goddard, New Thought author and lecturer from the 1960’s, is Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.  This will require you to think, feel and act from the goal, and not of the goal.  When you think from the goal, your feelings and actions harmonize with the goal’s fulfillment.  You become the goal in the present moment.  Your thoughts penetrate all of time and space, and therefore you have the mental and spiritual capacity to be the goal in consciousness, even before it physically manifests. Conversely, when you think of the goal, you unwittingly set yourself up for failure by keeping yourself in a perpetual state of want. The overriding sentiment of thinking of the goal is: I don’t have it yet.  It is beyond my reach. You cannot be the goal if you feel physically separated from it.

See it. Be it. Love it.  If you will dare to get out of your comfort zone and do these things, you will…


Own it

In truth, you already own it.  It—the miracle, the goal, the manifestation—is yours now.  It always has been. It always will be. It exists in the invisible realm of your divine mind. Will you choose to awaken your consciousness—the door to the waiting from of miracles—and step inside?  Will you visit the Kingdom of Heaven within or allow the negative images from without to occupy the movie screen in your mind? Here is the empowering truth: if you are willing to go within, you will never go without.

Dare to claim your inheritance.  Dare to be your highest self, a perfect expression of the one power of the Universe, a God in embryo! 


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