Uniting Opposites: The Art of Enikö Court

Watkins MBS presents a series of paintings and accompanying words by Romanian-born artist Enikö Court.

All words and images: Enikö Court

CORRECTION: In the original blog post published on 19 January 2021, we mistakenly referred to the artist as Enikö Bakos. We would like to confirm that the artist’s name is Enikö Court, and have updated the post accordingly.
Watkins MBS 19/01/21

I am a free spirit. Like all of us are.

‘Behind’, Enikö Court

I have buried my passion of expressing myself for many decades. My purpose has never left me, and came back to me to stir up the coiled energy hidden away.

‘Her’, Enikö Court

The feminine side of the consciousness has been leading me to unite opposites. To take in all of my life’s experiences. To let me emerge in the all-encompassing energy field of Love.

‘Insight’, Enikö Court

I paint the process of Becoming: the sacred longing for reaching the unity of all human experience. I paint the comtemplation process of our self-reflecting thoughts and emotions, leading us to ourselves.

‘Mind’, Enikö Court
‘Transcendence’, Enikö Court

To become One.

To love as One.

‘Impulse’, Enikö Court

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Enikö Court was born in Romania in 1977 and currently lives in Sheffield, UK. She is a single mother of four children who has studied in philosophy, special education and holistic massage therapy.

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