Old Grey … Wolf Song

By Elen Sentier


I have four passions, Rewilding, the Old Ways of Britain, Cats and Wolves. My email addy, Grmalkyn, means old grey cat, old in the sense of ancient spirit, so I’m with her all the time but winter means wolves for me. Part of my wolf passion involves the band Warduna and their song, Gra, gets played a lot over the winter.

I played it the other day while getting together the first of the rewilding webinars otherworld have asked me to do and, apart from reducing me to tears as it often does, it inspired me with a poem.


Old Grey


You howl

Trees shiver

Sky trembles

Earth quakes

Snow falls

And I remember


Old Grey

You are so old

And so forgotten


You howl

And the dark forest remembers you … 

The trees tear my heart

And memory stirs within me


Long ago

We ran together

You taught me Honesty

You taught me Truth 

You taught me Faithfulness

You taught me Reality 

You showed me Family


You twined your spirit with me 

We made the ring


I ran from you

I went a different way

I forgot you

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

I broke the ring 


Forgive me

I ask you

Come back to me …

Let us run in the forests

In the mountains

In the valleys

Lead me home to your family

Let us restore the ring


I will sing with you

I will sing with you safe in our home


Old Grey … rekindle the wolf in my heart


Einar in Warduna says, “we broke the ring” but I take it very personally and say “I broke the ring” because each and every one of us has a responsibility for that. So each and every one of us also has a response ability for that. 

It’s we, the little people, who will achieve rewilding, each in our own small way and by coming together in real, personal and committed groups. It’s no good expecting big organisations and governments to do it for us, rewilding has to be done from the ground up and they can’t do that. It means us changing the way we live, the way we love, following the example of Mother Earth, doing things Her way, not our way.

I’m starting a regular offering of webinars from Midwinter 2021 on ReWilding Our Hearts to bring people together to do this. We learn by journeying and sharing what our journeys show us, exploring the deep-roots meanings otherworld offers us. And Wolf is my guardian on this journey. He would love to be yours too … would you like to come with us?


Rewilding: © Elen Sentier 2021



ELEN SENTIER: I’m a writer, storyteller, poet, artist, awenydd teacher and transpersonal psychotherapist. I grew up in a family and village who had practiced the Old Ways for many generations. We’re wild-folk who live, work and learn with Mother Earth and Father Sun, and our daily journeying brings us closer to being our true, authentic selves. I offer you this.

I live and work in a remote farmhouse in Britain, in the wilds of the Shropshire hills. I share my home with a black, witchy cat – Kellan – who is also my familiar spirit; my ex-particle physicist husband – Paul – who’s also a radionics practitioner; my garden and her spirit, and a host of wildlife.

When I’m not writing or teaching you might find me tramping the hills, reading thrillers and sci-fi, wild-camping, watching archaeology, particle physics and/or films on TV, live on Facebook, listening to Warduna or Satie, dozing and playing with Kellan. When I can manage it, I go to play with wolves.


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