Q&A: Isabeau Maxwell on the SAGE Method

Watkins MBS caught up with Isabeau Maxwell to find out more about the SAGE method in this Q&A…


What is the SAGE Method?

IM – The SAGE Method is a 7-week intensive course designed to open and hone your intuition. The course is a formula, that when followed, will open your natural sixth sense allowing you to use it in your daily life. The key to this amazing course is the flow of releasing and rebalancing that starts with your environment and mind and finishes with your intuition aligned. 


How did the SAGE Method come to be? 

IM – Before I opened up intuitively back in 2005, I was a complete sceptic. My grandmother passed away and showed up in my living room in spirit form. At first, I was frightened but I then pursued the possibility of psychic energy and mediumship in hopes to connect with her more deeply. I did indeed and also then met my first spirit guide. He was a teacher to me, giving me a series of tasks to accomplish. Some tasks were based on inner work and some were environmental shifts I needed to make. I followed his instructions, and, as a result, I was able to declutter my mind and environment in a way that allowed my intuition to flow smoothly. It was his directions that helped me to discover the true strength of my intuition. My guide then asked me to review the steps I had taken to hone my intuition and put those steps together for other people to experience for themselves. This was the birth of the SAGE method.


What is the most important step, in your opinion, to strengthening our access to our intuition?

IM – I would have to say, hands down, decluttering. Clearing out your mind, physical environment, and energy fields. Intuition is completely natural for each and every person. It’s our sixth sense that we all have access to. Why some people don’t feel they can access it or utilize it is because of the clutter they carry with them daily. Think of each piece of clutter in your life as a hamster running on a hamster wheel. Now, imagine all those hamster wheels in your mind and your intuition having to navigate around them. It’s quite a lot. But clearing out those hamsters is what opens you up to stronger intuitive messages. It’s also important to note you do not have to be perfect in decluttering. Just the simple act of doing it will begin to release the hold on your intuition. It’s not a matter of perfection, it’s a matter of intention.

Do you find people struggle with doubt when it comes to intuition?

IM – Absolutely yes!  We can have a powerfully accurate and moving moment with our intuition, a moment that we just couldn’t have made up, and yet a few days later we are back to doubting it again. Doubt is a habit that many of us have. I struggled with it for a long time after I opened up my intuition. What I have found over the years that works best for my students that are struggling with doubt is to spend five minutes each day in a state of complete trust and faith. Set your doubt aside for that time period, and just feel what it feels like to be in the energy of all things possible. Your energetic body will love you for this and it will help to adjust your habit from doubt to trusting over time. Also, it doesn’t hurt to keep a journal of your intuitive wins and hits. I like to call it a “No Doubt Notebook”. This is something, when you are feeling doubtful, you can return to and remind yourself that what you’re experiencing is indeed very real.


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One of the leading spiritual coaches in intuitive development, Isabeau Maxwell brings deep channeled knowledge and personal understanding to spirituality. She has been helping people connect to their authentic, natural, intuitive abilities for over 15 years. Isabeau is an internationally known medium, author, and teacher, who has touched the lives of people throughout the world. Isabeau is the founder of The SAGE Method, a life-changing intuitive training program that teaches people how to open their intuitive abilities and live an authentic, blissful life. She is also the creator of the online community and app, The SAGE Circle, Discovery Meditation, and she is also the author of Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant MediumHer newest project is the podcast Otherside Chats, where Isabeau is ready to share her mission: To humanize people in spirit form and remind listeners that ghosts are people too.

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